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Market Research

Innovative, creative and modern concepts that create outstanding locations can only be realized by having thorough understanding of the market. For this reason, we have established a division that is exclusively devoted to collecting and evaluating the challenges, trends and key figures of the real estate sector. We use this as a basis for developing solutions that are specifically tailored to our clients and for generating synergies. At the same time, we use the knowledge gained from our market research department to develop and update our study programs.
 Blick auf die Zukunft
Activities in theory and practice simplify the process of ensuring that our findings are up-to-date, objective, representative, precise and valid. Our market research focuses on:

  • - General characteristics of the real estate market and real estate market developments
  • - Development of innovative user-specific concepts
  • - Urban planning and quarter development
  • - Buyer/tenant behavior and needs
  • - User satisfaction and loyalty
  • - Approval of new real estate developments
  • - Competition analyses

Our employees are specialized in quantitative and qualitative analyses, using both primary and secondary sources as a basis.